Location & Directions

Postal address
5951 E Eight Mile Gap Road, Kanab, UT 84741

Google maps address
5951 East 2580 South, Kanab, Utah 84741



From Kanab, Utah

  1. On US 89 eastbound go 5.6 miles from the stoplight at the intersection of US 89 and US 89A in Kanab.
  2. Turn right at the first signed intersection after you leave Kanab, the intersection indicates Mountain View Drive to the right.
  3. Follow the directions below After you have turned onto Mountain View Drive

From Page, Arizona

  1. On US 89 westbound, look for the signed intersection for Mountain View Drive immediately after milepost 58.
  2. Turn left at the intersection for Mountain View Drive.
  3. Follow the directions below After you have turned onto Mountain View Drive


After you have turned onto Mountain View Drive

  1. Go 100ish meters to a T intersection and turn left.
  2. This road will make a right turn after 50ish meters and becomes graded gravel.
  3. After about a mile, the gravel road makes a 90 degree left turn.
  4. The road goes straight for about 1.5 miles, then drops down into a gap.
  5. You will pass a McMansion on your left, (tough to see at night) then again on your left, a small brown house.
  6. BaseCamp 37° will be the next driveway on your left, 400 meters past the little brown house. Two sage-colored cabins on the left side of the road and tents in the distance.
  7. The driveway has a giant rock at the entrance with our address, 5951 8 Mile Gap Road.
  8. If you cross the cattle guard at the Utah-Arizona border, you’ve gone too far, back track for about 400 meters to BaseCamp 37° driveway.
  9. When you enter the property, continue to the first right turn.
  10. Pull up near the main cabin, and one of the hosts will come greet you.
  11. The tents are a couple hundred feet down the road, and you can pull your vehicle right behind your tent and unload.