BaseCamp 37° Blog

Scenes from Wire Pass and Buckskin Gulch

House Rock Valley Road (HRVR) is your gateway to many spectacular destinations within the Grand Staircase-Escalante NM and Vermillion Cliffs NM.  The most accessible is Wire Pass and Buckskin Gulch.  Ignore the first trailhead you see after crossing Buckskin Wash … Read More

Scenes from the Colorado River

Many epic adventures in our little corner of the world require one or more of the following . . . *Years and Years on a National Park Service waiting list. *Tough to obtain permits from the local BLM office in … Read More

Horseshoe Bend Without the Crowds

Horseshoe Bend is one of the most iconic images of the American Southwest, but it often takes a back seat to it’s neighbor to the east, Antelope Canyon. If you have a chance, venture a few miles south of Page, … Read More

An Alternative to Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is the biggest draw for folks headed east from BaseCamp37°.  Unlike The Wave, Antelope just requires a reservation, a credit card, and the fortitude to deal with the chaotic nature of large crowds all wanting to share the … Read More

Hayduke and rest of our gang

The seed for BaseCamp37° was planted in July of 2016, as we leaned back in our chairs and gazed skyward . . .This is an experience we want to share, and we think others will want to enjoy it with … Read More

Lower Hackberry Slot Canyon

Looking for a desert hike with solitude and scenery while leaving the masses of Antelope Canyon behind . . . consider Lower Hackberry Slot Canyon, an underrated gem amongst the plethora of hiking options in Southern Utah.  This section of … Read More

White Pocket

When it comes to “off the beaten path” hiking destinations in Southern Utah; The Wave, Wire Pass, and Buckskin Gulch get most of the glory, and all of it is justified. However, don’t sleep on White Pocket and the other … Read More

We’ve learned a thing or two about building tents

  We compare tent building with trying to beach a two person kayak on the beach with waves crashing around, if you aren’t both going in the exact same direction at the exact same time, you can count on tipping … Read More

What time is it anyway?

Most guests to BaseCamp37° ask the same question shortly after arrival, “What time is it here ?  The sign at the entrance says “Entering Pacific Time Zone”, but I’m pretty sure I’m still in Utah, and my phone keeps going … Read More

We are BaseCamp 37°!

Welcome to BaseCamp 37°, a new glamping site near Kanab, UT. On the Utah/Arizona border, aka 37°. Kanab’s best nightlife: pub games and dark skies. Right now, we’re working hard to improve our site, to prepare for guests this spring.  Check … Read More